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Balloon Builders

Balloon Bouquets and Stuffed Balloons


The Story of Balloon Builders

Balloon Builders was created to make people smile. Gifting to a person gives them a good feeling on any occasion. As the owner of the business I am a Certified Orthodontic Assistant who has always seen on a daily what an Orthodontist and their team can do to create beautiful smiles. I wanted to venture out on my own and I grew up crafting. Balloons have been around for more than a century. On any occasion balloons are pretty powerful in making anyone day. So I thought to myself why not be more creative with balloons and make them unique and personal.



No matter what kind of balloon you want, we can make it happen. 


Balloon Bouquet


Mother's Day Balloons

IMG_6675 (1).jpg

Stuffed balloons

"I ordered a Valentine's Day balloon for my daughter last year and she loved it! It was the perfect little gift for a special day. Thank you!!"

Veronica Melton

"My Co-workers got together and came up with my favorite theme. (Batman) It gave me the best vibes on my birthday."

Bruce Montoya

“Even tho I wasn't too thrilled about turning 30. It was something about that balloon bouquet that made it official!"

Abe Montoya



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